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Unlock organized elegance with the Taxi, tailored to effortlessly store disposables like eyelashes and q-tips in style. 

(5 Sections)

4.25 x 3.25 x 1 inches


Made from tough, transparent polycarbonate plastic –– known for its outstanding durability, strength, stiffness, and impact resistance.

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4.25“ x 3.25” x 1” ( 10.795 x 8.255 x 2.54 cm)

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The ultimate convenience for efficiency.

Our five-in-one design ethos for the Taxi is simple: having multiple accessories and applicators at arm's reach is more efficient than rummaging through five separate packages.

The Taxi container has gained widespread popularity among MU artists and hairstylists for its effective storage of disposable beauty applicators, perfect for those frequently discarded after just one use.

Streamline your routine and embrace a clutter-free beauty space while enjoying everything you need at your fingertips.

Elevate Your Organization

Build your storage vertically, utilizing every inch of space in your kit. This approach makes it easy to unpack and lay out your supplies while working on set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ann DeMauro-Pineda
Handy Dandy Bin

As always VueSset is a high quality product. This particular purchase was a Taxi for my hair pins for my set bag. You know from the quality that when the container snaps shut…later on you will not have pins and elastics all over the bottom of your set bag. For a number of years I have a trusted them with my pro makeup and hair products and they have never let me down.


Love it for my disposables and lashes!! Perfect for my makeup kit and much more convinient than the big box i had before. This is the perfect size

Ana caroline Valiongo da silva
In love

With taxi is so easy to organize. I’m using it to store lashes and disposables

Davide Londrillo

i love using it to store my eyelashes, because it allows me to quickly check how many lashes i have left in it, which is more time-consuming with other cases that are not trasparent or without divider. 10/10 from in Italian mua!

The great reviews are right!

I've had my eye on Vueset for several years, but didn't have a need to order because my makeup kit was stocked and still working. I ordered a new set of foundations and finally ordered the Taxi. I'm a fan! The Vueset Taxi is sturdy, seals airtight, and fits into my kit well. I will be ordering more.