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There may be a bit of difficulty opening Vueset palettes, but this is a blessing! This is a reason your creams will stay creamy.  The closure is as close to airtight as you’ll find.   Here is the best way to ease your opening problems:

Cradle the bottom of the palette with one hand.  Finger tips at the back.  Thumb in the front directly under the lid tab.  Use your other hand to open.  Only focus on the lid tab in the center. Press your thumb from you cradling hand into the bottom center area where the lid attaches.  SIMULTANEOUSLY, with your other hand pry the lid tab up with your index finger and thumb.   Add extra pressure on the bottom with your opening thumb if you need to.  VOILA! The only area to focus on is the front center and tab.  Stay away from the hinges. They have nothing to do with it.  A metal spatula used on in the front should be fine if delicate hands need the extra assistance.  

Be patient. It gets easier over time. My priority was protecting the products you will put inside.  You can drop a Vueset palette anywhere without breaking..you can even drop it in the water, the ocean, whatever, and it will be fine.  Try that with another brand!

Wipe out as much product as possible. Spray 'Goo Gone' to loosen and liquify the product. Use a small brush to loosen product in the corners and crevices. Rinse out and repeat till clean. Spray with alcohol. View below video for more details.

We stand behind our products and guarantee our palettes will perform without breaking or we'll refund / replace your case. For any hinge pin problems, we offer free replacement…(send us a picture to support@vueset.com and describe the problem…we will refund your purchase or replace it.)



No, we do not offer professional discounts since Vueset products were priced as low as possible to make our high-quality products affordable to all our clients. 🤗

For those who are surprised by Vueset palette sizes AFTER placing an order…(who really ever wants to read or bust out a ruler when shopping to check measurements anyway?) Here’s a size comparison for #vuesetbella #vuesetmango and #vuesettahiti palettes. We intentionally made all of our palettes divisions of each each other so they stack and pack well.

Yes, but microwave at your own risk! Read these tips before you microwave.

  • Keep your eye on your case while you microwave it. Not all microwaves and products are the same.
  • Microwave at a low setting. If you don't keep a low setting then you run the risk of melting the wells and altering the shape of your cases.
  • Microwave at shorter intervals and check it every 20 seconds.
  • Error on the side of caution. You don't want to over-cook your palettes.
  • Be careful when doing this to products that contain glitter particles in them... they can literally IGNITE.